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Meet Willow *ADOPTED*



Meet Willow!


Sponsor Willow, in an effort for all the cats we are looking to have this happy outcome for.


This sweet boy is living solo but does like other cats. Willow is in urgent need of rescue, although he has daily care and food, he does not have a colony for protection or cuddle warmth. Because of this, Willow has to be protective of his surroundings and territory and runs a much higher risk of threat. He is so sweet and (almost) lets us pet him. (UPDATE: We can now pet Willow!) He loves to sunbathe and watch the squirrels and birds run by. He is gentle, independent, and will make a perfect transition.


Virtually sponsor Willow for a one-time payment of $25 in Willow's name, which supports the efforts for all the cats we come across to be given the opportunity for a beautiful outcome like Willow's story. This donation will help provide one (1) month of food, necessary vitamins and medications, grooming, dental, flea/tick/mite prevention, dewormer, ongoing care and ability to be rescued and permanently placed, re-socialized, and start living a well-deserved luxury life. 

Can't sponsor right now? Don't see the amount you would like to donate? 

Please donate any custom amount for food, medical expenses, and more.

Click the yellow DONATE button on the Project Moonlight Tab. 


Meet Willow *ADOPTED*


A one-time donation of $25 virtually sponsors a cat for one (1) month

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