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Ventura Quick Release Combo Pack for 8.8m/29ft

Available based on popular demand, the Ventura Combo "Quick-Release" hangs short from the camera, allowing for a quick access point to release your from Pasadena extension cable. This allows a photographer to go from being tethered with clients on the beach, to untethering quickly to run down the beach, while capturing to card. No need to release your cable or tether quick release plate, and can quickly resume tethering!


Right Angle design to ensure a stable tether connection. Premium tight-fitting connectors, superior insulation, high-quality TPE tubing, and dual integrated repeaters for high-speed capture.


Interchangable with other compatiable Area51 Tether Cables for an assorment of desired lengths.


Pack includes;

-(1) USB-C to USB 3.0 A 0.9m/3ft cable

-(1) USB 3.0 A female to  USB 3.0 A 7.9m/26ft extention cable

-(1) interchangle adaptor to allow from USB 3.0 A to USB C 



Compatible with most USB-C Cameras and a USB-A or USB-C (with using the adaptor) computer.


We recommend running the latest camera manufacturer firmware and Capture One 22 latest build. We use M1 on 12.3 with C22.


Ventura Quick Release Combo Pack for 8.8m/29ft


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