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Meet Babuski *ADOPTED*

Meet Boosh! Boosh is a new (unneutered..yikes!) youngster and was just spotted in our colony. He is turning out to be a curious one and came out for the first time to investigate his surroundings. Boosh is defiantly a relative of Moonlight, but he has been hiding from us all this time! He is from the same litter as sisters Tarot and Mika. He is super playful like his sister, Tarot, and is so sweet. Booshy just wants affection but is still a little hesitant. We know Mr. Boosh will be an amazing housemate just like Moonlight! Boosh is not doing well outdoors and is wandering too much. He is also limping, we urgently need to get him vetted. Boosh is also in urgent need of TNR and we are working quickly to get this little guy.


Virtually sponsor Boosh for a one-time payment of $25 to help provide one (1) month of food, necessary vitamins and medications, grooming, dental, flea/tick/mite prevention, dewormer, ongoing care and ability to be rescued and permanently placed, re-socialized and start living a well-deserved luxury life. 



Can't sponsor right now? Don't see the amount you would like to donate?

Please donate any custom amount for food, medical expenses, and more.

Click the yellow DONATE button on the Project Moonlight Tab. 

Meet Babuski *ADOPTED*


A one-time donation of $25 virtually sponsors a cat for one (1) month 

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