At Area51 Tether Co. we pride ourself on quality products and cables that work. With proper treatment, our cables are built to perform and are strong and durable, so you can focus on your adventures. Rarely do we get any inquiries of connectivity issues, however, please be aware that mistreatment of cables may result in a shorter life span of your item.  "Wear & Tear" cable failures may be caused, but not limited to; mistreatment of products by ways of aggressively bending, crushing, breaking, rolling over, and/or exposure to extreme elements. 

For connectivity issues we highly recommend trying the below;

-When using Right Angle Cables always use the Right Angle port in CAMERA 

-When using Las Mollacas USB-C Right Angle to USB-C Cable, make sure the labeled port "COMPUTER SIDE" is plugged into your computer (NOT CAMERA)

-Restart your computer from time to time and restart your Capture session 

-Have two (2) of the same cables to test issues with, if you are experiencing any dropouts in connection, test the cable on another camera/laptop to ensure your electronics USB ports are not damaged or malfunctioning. 

-Turn the camera off, remove the battery then re-install the battery. Connect the cables COMPUTER END first, then connect the CAMERA port. Turn the camera back on and resume tethering. 

-Ensure your settings are correct; i.e

Capture One

From the top menu select <Preferences <Capture

Under providers make sure your camera brand is selected; example: Sony

If you are wondering if your camera model is supported, please check the Capture One camera support page. 

Please free to reach out to our support team at


Please provide the following;


Order number:

Date of purchase: 

Laptop/desktop model: 

(i.e. 2019 Mac Book Pro) 

Third party dongle/cable (if any): 

(i.e. Anker UBS-C to A or Apple Multi Port USB-C)

Software version of Capture One:

(i.e. 20.01.1)

Camera model using:

(i.e. Nikon 850)

Model of A51 Tether Cable:

Please refer to the STORE POLICY page to view Area51 Tether Co. store return/exchange policy or visit our FAQ